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Episode 6 Part 11

By:  Lenaday

        The day passed slowly for Tilly. The translator from Sanrook helped immensely of course, but she couldn’t find very many people that were actually willing to converse. It was, to a small degree, still a normal day for the people of the cave city and they had to make sure that the day’s work was being completed. The fact that there was now a giant hole in the ceiling above them only complicated things. Rocks and sand had to be cleaned out of places which normally would have stayed clean for well over a week, and the cave had become much warmer with the suns rays beaming in. Despite their, or at least Sanrook’s, knowledge of the old ways, the fact that they had just hours prior been a sacrifice had not left the people. Although there was basic friendliness there was also standoffishness as well.

            Tilly sighed as another smile met stony silence. ‘Probably wondering what we’re gonna blow up next’, she thought.

            She sat at the entrance of the alleyway she had walked through previously. It seemed to be the best place to people watch, since from there she had a good view of the center area of the city without being too much in the way. She had offered a few times to help with cleanup, but was repeatedly shooed away. She had hoped that she would at least have been able to make amends in her own way, but learned quickly that they did not want her help.

            “Yo!” she heard behind her, and turned around. Sanrook was quickly approaching, wearing her normal grin. It was the first time she had seen it since the crash that morning. Tilly stood up and dusted the sand off of her blue jeans.

            “Hey”, she said, walking a few feet towards Sanrook. “How’s things going with Smiley? He gonna work out?”

            Sanrook had by this point reached where she stood and had continued past, motioning for Tilly to follow. The thought struck Tilly that she had been doing an awful lot of following lately, but she shook it off.

            “Yeah,” Sanrook replied. “The guy’s a quick learner, and a pretty nice guy too. Too nice maybe. I told him to be selective when the time comes to pick someone else to pass the information on to. Hopefully by that point he’ll have lost a little naïveté. He’ll have to figure out who he can really trust and who’s just there for their own advantage.”

“What do you mean?” Tilly asked. It seemed a silly question to her, but with Sanrook sometimes thing weren’t quite as straightforward as one would initially hope.

            Sanrook pointed out Smiley. “You see him now and you saw him earlier. Before, he was a nobody, but now he’s special and everyone knows it. Hopefully it won’t go to his head, or at least not for long.”

            “Where are we going exactly?” Tilly asked. They had crossed the cave and were now walking along the wall of the city.

            “The old guy has some stuff for us. I think they want to get us out of here as soon as they can now that they have their info.” Sanrook said as she continued walking in front of Tilly. Her face was hidden, but the irritation from earlier had crept back into her voice.

            Tilly really couldn’t blame them to a degree. She and Sanrook had of course nearly demolished the city. Then again the only reason that had occurred was because they were going to be sacrificed to a rocket.

            “One more question. Why are we crossing the desert? Something about crystals? Are they to fix Toren?” She asked, hoping she wasn’t just bugging Sanrook.

            “Technically that was three,” she answered, some of her humor coming back. “But yeah, those crystals are what I need to fix Toren’s balance. I could make them myself, but it would take a long time using just lasers and sand. Better to just go get some.”

            By this point they had reached their destination. The elder was standing with a group of the people, probably discussing the cleanup process. Sanrook had already fished a translator out of her pocket and handed it to him when they reached the cluster of people. He put it in and walked a few feet to a small building built against the wall. “Bring them out” he said into the building.

After a few moments two figures came out. One was holding a wheel-less motorcycle thing and another holding an instrument of some sort.

“These should help you across the desert” the elder said as the two items were brought over. “This”, he said, patting the seat of the bike “functions well enough and should make the trip quicker.” He motioned to the individual holding the instrument who walked over and handed it to Tilly. It was a tubular shaped item, with various angles and points coming out of it. The elder must have noted her confusion.

“With that you won’t lose your way,” he said, fishing a paper out of his robes. “Here’s a map as well,” he mumbled, handing it to Tilly, then looked towards Sanrook. “If you are ready, then I will lead you to the surface. From there you may be on your way.” Tilly noted that there was an edge to that last statement, carrying the message ‘and don’t come back’.

Without waiting for an answer the elder began walking towards the city’s exit. Sanrook and Tilly followed directly after.


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