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Episode 5 Part 14

By:  Wynn

“Boss, we got trouble coming.  A Nathian light cruiser, burning it up on our tail!”

     Derek Vonter took a moment to stretch before turning to look at the man sitting at the sensor station.  “Oh?  And what’s the trouble, then?”  He smiled broadly.

     The man looked at him with confusion before carefully answering. “It’s a Nathian Guardsman, captain.”  Though he didn’t bother look around the command deck, Vonter felt those nearby glance nervously at each other before turning back to their own posts, subtly watching their commander’s reaction to the announcement.

     Vonter’s eyebrow rose. “Oh?  A Nathian?  Magnificent!” He rolled his eyes, walking over to the man sitting at the sensor console and resting a hand on his shoulder.  He leaned down to tap at one of the monitors.  “Do you see those other four dots on the radar?”


     “What are they?”

     “Ah…the Lady Luck, the Diamond Dust, the Golden Goose, and the Dancing Dice.”

     “Yes, yes.  Those are my ships, you know.”

     The pirate’s face had gone a bright red, and he tried to sink into the seat of his chair. “Yes cap’n.”

     “Oh, and why are their dots bigger than the Nathian’s?”

     “Because they’re much larger, sir.  Even the Goose is at least ten times larger than a light cruiser.”

     “That’s right!” Vonter said, with all the enthusiasm of a teacher congratulating a particularly bright pupil.  His smile was even broader now. “There’s one itty, bitty cruiser coming at us, and we have five big, heavily armed pirate ships.  Is that a good way of putting it?”

     “So I repeat myself; what’s the trouble?”

     “Sir, I know we have him outmanned and outgunned.  So do you.  And so does he.  But, uh…he’s still not stopping.”

     Vonter blinked. “Well, people do say things about Nathian bravery, but this is pretty out there.  You sure there’s not any more ships?”

     “No, just him and the Lady Luck and-”

     “Yes, yes…Do we have EMP missiles?”

     Another crew member piped up. “We have a few left sir, mostly on this ship and the Diamond Dust.”

     “Very well then… if he doesn’t stop, we’ll use those!”

     “Sir, he’s hailing us!”

     Vonter waved a hand. “This should be interesting.  Patch me through.” Pausing until the communications officer gave him a thumb’s up, Vonter continued. “This is Captain Vonter of the Fickle Fate.  Can I help you?”

     “This is Guardsman Bullet Riussir, formerly of Nathian Colony 96.  You are under orders to cut your engines, power down your weapons, and surrender immediately.  You, and your crew, are under arrest for suspicions of piracy.”

      Vonter froze. ‘Colony 96?’

     “Captain?” prompted one pirate.

     Derek Vonter rubbed his chin.  If he had been smiling before, he was grinning now.  A plan was forming in his head, one that had great promise for his current predicament.  Yes, yes, this might just work…

     And, if nothing else, it would be interesting!

     “Come on in, Bullet Riussir of the Nathian Guardsmen.  We need to have a chat.” Vonter said to himself, laughing out loud.  Interesting, indeed.


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