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Episode 14 Part 65 Epilogue

By:  Lenady

The air was cold between the two of them, staring at each other across the inky darkness. The tension was heavy, hanging there as surely as their white puffs of breath.


And then one was standing, pushing off from his rocky perch and making his way towards the other. She stood as well from her place on ground, hesitant.




The smile on his face dropped a little at that, his own lips tightening, but he kept walking. 


Wary as she looked up into his eyes, a worn sneaker sneaked backwards, toes hitting the dark surface before stopping. Then a switch. A stiffening of shoulders and hands and she was stepping forward, hesitantly, glancing down at the ground and then back up, a calm determination settling in her eyes. A step forward. Another.


He was so close when her next step faltered.


She looked up in panic as the ground beneath her feet, the same inkiness that surrounded them both, crumbled.


He ran towards the barely visible edge and looked over, catching her panicked glance as she held onto the crumbling remains of the surface.


She choked out a cry as one hand slipped, the black grit giving way beneath her fingers.


Then her hold slid and she was falling, until his hand was on hers, clinging tightly.


She was sobbing now, looking up at his eyes, pleading. She glanced down below and gasped, looking back up into his eyes. He stared back, his face expressionless.


His grip tightened for just a moment before his hand slackened.


Their fingers slipped against each other as she fell, the rising darkness swallowing her.



*          *          *


The morning rushed in, a flood of daylight and nausea as he opened his eyes. His head was pounding as harshly as his heart.


He turned over, away from the window, but then her eyes were rushing back to him again, bright green and desperate and his stomach lurched, painfully. He was up and running, instinct taking over as his skin broke out in an even colder sweat. His knees hit the linoleum painfully, with just seconds to spare.


Minutes later, after he flushed the porcelain idol the door creaked open, one of his roommates peaking in.


“Man,” Jeff said, scratching his side, pulling his t-shirt half up, lazily. “You’re damn loud. You know that?”


Erin rested his head against his forearm, focusing on the sweaty skin and hair and not on the smells and tastes that were just making him sick all over again.


“Some night, huh?” Jeff said, leaning against the doorframe. “You nearly outdid Terry. That’s a feat, ya know?”


Erin made a noise of some sort in response, noncommittal. His eyes sneaked back up to the toilet. Maybe he’d leave if he started puking again.




“Can’t say I blame ya, though. They’ve been searching, what… two weeks? Three?” He frowned.


“Nah, that’s.” Erin coughed, trying to clear his throat, while battling the churning starting up in his gut. “That’s not that big a deal.” He looked up at Jeff through red scratchy eyes and a grin. “End of the semester. We just got through hell. Gotta celebrate that.”


Jeff looked down at him, silent and studying, then shrugged and walked out the door.


Erin curled against the wall, and stared at nothing.


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