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Episode 10 Part 26

By:  Lenady

Tilly sat twirling two egg shaped candies in one hand, as if they were two oddly-shaped Chinese medicine balls. The thought crossed her mind that she should probably set them down soon, lest they start to melt.  Sanrook had been gone for a few minutes, enough time for Tilly to watch the end of the episode she had mostly missed, then go back over to her room to grab the candies out of one of her bags, the one that held her stash of junk food. She figured one of the chocolate eggs she had bought at Easter would be a decent peace offering, although, thankfully, she didn’t think it was really necessary anymore.

She was about to set them down on the couch when she saw Sanrook walk in, carrying her stuffed bear in one arm.

“Trade you,” Tilly said, tossing one of the eggs to Sanrook as she neared the couch.

“What’s this?” Sanrook asked, looking at the object in her hand. She sat on the couch and handed the bear off to Tilly, who was already unwrapping her chocolate.

Tilly sat the bear between herself and the couch, resting her back against the armrest so she faced Sanrook as she spoke. “Easter candy,” she said, holding up the unwrapped chocolate. “When you bite into the egg it’s got all this gooey stuff inside.”

“Oh, Easter,” Sanrook said, quickly unwrapping the candy and taking a bite.  “That’s a great holiday. That’s the one where the pumpkins lay the eggs and you wear a black hat with a buckle on it and the guns- there’s guns so you can shoot the turkey, or is it another pumpkin?”

Tilly had also started to bite into her egg, but stopped and stared at Sanrook a minute, barely noticing the chocolate melting against her fingers. She blinked before switching the egg over to her other hand and licking her fingers.

“And you survived on Earth how?” she asked incredulously, before biting into her own candy.

“What do you mean?” Sanrook replied, wiping at the filling that had gotten onto her chin.  “I did fine on Earth. I almost didn’t get chased out, and when I did it wasn’t by Earth people.”

            “Should it worry me that this seems to be a big accomplishment for you?” Tilly asked, already anticipating what the answer would be.

            “Meh,” Sanrook said, waving it off. “Oh, but speaking of planets, we’re making another stop tomorrow.” Tilly could feel the color drain out of her face. Sanrook evidently noticed it as well, as she quickly continued “At a port. This isn’t like the last planet we went to. That was exploratory, this is a supply run.”

            “Ah,” Tilly breathed out. “So no being tied to rockets, right? No kidnappings?”

            Sanrook shrugged. “Well, it’s not like I can really control it or anything, but as far as I know, no, nothing like that.”

            Tilly nodded her head. “Good. I’m still getting used to all this.”

            “No worries. We’re just going shopping. Gotta raise a few funds of course, cause they’re probably not gonna take Norian currency, but that’s no problem. I don’t really have anything planned yet, but that’s happened before. There was this one time, on a really out of the way port-“

            ‘Here we go again,’ Tilly thought, nodding and smiling at Sanrook while tuning her out. She scooted further down into the couch, examining her hands for chocolate before picking up Maddie and putting the bear in her lap. Things had gotten back to normal again, thankfully. She continued nodding at Sanrook, noting that she had finally started to think of her situation as normal. Tilly stretched herself out on the couch and closed her eyes, making herself comfortable and smiling as she listened to her friend speak without paying attention to a single word.


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