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Episode 10 Part 15

By:  Lenady

The moment that Tilly stepped through the door the worry that she was making a mistake increased exponentially. After all, she was still mad at Sanrook and Tilly realized that the feeling was probably mutual. She wasn’t exactly certain as to what made her feel the need to enter the common room, but whatever it was driven by was being overcome by the need to crawl into bed with a good book and forget the rest of the world existed, especially the part that included Sanrook. Adding to her anxiety was the fact that Sanrook was nowhere to be seen.

‘Of course Sanrook wouldn’t still be in here, you idiot,’ she thought. Tilly was in no mood to trek through the ship, nor was she desperate enough to ask Toren for help. She had the feeling that bringing the ship into the situation would just make things worse. Just her luck, Toren would probably send her on a wild goose chase of some sort. The computer actually seemed to get quite a bit of joy in tormenting Tilly, or at least that’s what she had gathered from the morning wake up calls. Tilly tensed a bit as she wondered how much of that was programmed in by Sanrook. It made the thought of searching through the ship for an angry Sanrook all the less appealing. She was about to call it off and go back in her room when she saw a bit of motion out of the corner of her eye.

The TV was on, but the movement had came from a slightly different area. Tilly walked a few steps towards the couch before seeing the red hair. ‘At least I won’t have to go looking through the ship now’ Tilly thought, pushing aside the fact that she had been about to make a retreat. Sanrook was on all fours between the couch and the tv and appeared to be drawing on the floor with a piece of chalk.



Tilly blinked. She had no clue about what she was going to say. She should have at least formulized a way to start the conversation. However, as much as she wanted to fix the situation, she wasn’t exactly certain how she was going to go about doing it. Tilly felt her shoulders tighten as she realized that without this knowledge things were just going to spiral into yelling again. She was till too on edge to allow herself to make a full apology. Yet as irked as she was she couldn’t think of any real arguments she wanted to throw out at Sanrook, especially after Sanrook’s accusations just a few minutes prior. Tilly blushed as she realized she had made a horrible error: facing an opponent with no ammunition.

“Well?” Sanrook asked, looking up from her position on the floor.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Sanrook replied.

“Drawing a line.”

“Congratulations, here’s your prize.”

            Sanrook stood up and walked to the other side of the couch before bending over and continuing the line towards the opposite wall. “I stay on my side and you stay on yours” she continued.

            “Not hearing me complain,” Tilly muttered, not really concerned about whether Sanrook could hear her or not. She watched as the line was drawn all the way to the wall before realizing what Sanrook’s side of the room included. “'Hey! You can't just claim the kitchen for yourself!” she yelled.

            Sanrook stopped, straightened up and glared at Tilly before looking back down at the line she was drawing. After a moment she bent down and erased part of the line, so that the far end looked more like a series of dashes. She then walked over to the kitchen door and proceeded to draw more dash marks, connecting a new line of dashes to the old to create a boxed in area around the door. “'No man's land. disputed territory. Happy?” She asked.

            Tilly nodded, watching Sanrook walk back over and sit down on the couch. She opened her mouth to say something, realized she didn’t know what to say, then shut it.

            “Need something?” Sanrook asked, without turning around.

            Tilly glanced back down at the line then shook her head. “No.” she added a moment later when she remembered that Sanrook wouldn’t be able to see her response. She hesitated a moment, fighting the impulses to both scream at her friend and apologize. Realizing neither was an option, she turned around and walked back towards her room. Their argument had just turned into a cold war.


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