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Episode 10 Part 14

By:  Lenady

The noise that sent Tilly shooting upwards in the bed seemed just a few decibels short of deafening.

“What the hell?” Tilly covered her ears with her hands in a futile attempt to save herself from pain. “Toren, turn that off!”

The sound decreased but did by no means come to an end. Tilly was at least able to pull her hands away from her ears, however.

“I’m supposed to wake you up.” Toren shouted over the music, her words forcing Tilly to bring her hands up to the side of her head all over again.

“You certainly did that! Any reason why you have to deafen me in the process?” Tilly yelled back,

“Sanrook said I should do whatever it takes to wake you up. Loud sounds typically help with waking, thus alarm clocks. This is your new alarm clock. Sanrook said it would be effective.”

“She did, did she?” Tilly growled, thinking perhaps her remorse had came a little too quickly. Tilly brought her arms back down and drew them around her stuffed polar bear, fingers gripping tightly into the fur. “What time is it?”

“Five AM. Perhaps if you can get use to getting up early then you can actually wake up at a normal hour if you try.”

Tilly felt her lips form into a strained smile. “She said that too, huh?”


“That tears it’” she shouted, springing up out of the bed. She moved towards the door, just barely avoiding falling on her face due to the blankets still wrapped around her legs. She grabbed hold of the bed with one hand, steadying herself while still clinging to Maddy with the other. Pausing a moment, she looked down at the hand on the bed before jerking on the wristbands she had pulled off the night before. Tossing the blankets out of her way she once again began to make her way across the room and out into the common area. There was no need for Tilly to look throughout the ship to find Sanrook. The object of her wrath just so happened to be stepping off the stairs.

Sanrook face bore both confusion and irritability upon seeing Tilly’s scowl. “Morning” she mumbled and looked away. “You’re up early”.

Tilly stood just a few feet away from her door and crossed her arms. “Yeah, I guess I am, considering you sentenced me to Beasty Boys hell this morning.”

“Now wait just a minute. What are you talking about?” Sanrook said, eyes darkening.

“The new alarm clock setting you told Toren to use on me. Deafening!” Tilly yelled, tossing the bear she still held in her hand. Sanrook caught it a split second after it hit her face. Sanrook held the bear in place for a moment then lowered it. Their eyes met, each girl glaring proverbial daggers at the other.

Tilly was the first to break contact, looking down for a second before clearing her throat and asking, “Could I have Maddie back?”

“Not a chance.” Sarnook replied, a wild grin gracing her lips.

Tilly looked back up and stepped forward. “Give me back my bear”, she said as Sanrook stepped back.

“You tossed it. That means you don't want it.”

“Give back Maddie.” Tilly demanded, fighting off the urge to stomp a foot.

“Uh uh. Madeline's my friend now,” said Sanrook through her wicked grin, “You didn't want her.” Sanrook petted the stuffed polar bear and then held it up to her ear. “What’s that?  You like me best? Thank you Maddie!”

“Give her back!” Tilly yelled, taking off in a sprint towards Sanrook. The other running away in turn. They made a full lap around the common room, only barely missing the stairway in the middle as they ran past. The couch was soon turned into a defensive location, Sanrook darting to one side and then to the other as Tilly followed. They finally came to a stop, breathing heavily, each on one side of it, standing at an armrest.

“You're being an ass!” Tilly yelled.

“Yeah, well you're being a whiney pain.”

“Am not!”

“All you've done is whine and mope! Suck it up already! If you're not happy here then why did you even come?”

Tilly gripped the couch with both hands.

“I… fine! Keep the bear.” She said, turning around and walking into her room.

            Tilly heard the door close behind her as she made her way over to the bed. She knelt down and grabbed the quilt before throwing it on the mattress with as much strength as she could muster. Next came the stray stuffed animals on the floor, each being thrown onto the bed in turn, some reaching their destination, others veering far off course and landing a few feet away. Tilly wasn’t going for accuracy. When Tilly reached the last stuffy she took aim, then let her arm drop, still clenching the small unicorn beanie in her fist.

            “So much for things being better in the morning”, Tilly mumbled. Her fist relaxed slightly and she looked back towards the door. ‘Well that was stupid,’ she thought. She breathed in an out for a minute, willing her heart to slow down and her shoulders to loosen. It only slightly worked. She wasn’t complete certain about what had just happened. She was aware though, that she had made a mistake of some sort. And with mistakes come apologies, at least it did if she could figure out what her mistake was. Tilly turned around and walked back towards the door. Unfortunately, the thought crossed her mind that she was about to make another one.


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